Breakfast with Tiffany’s (lamps)

by Stephen Hobley on February 15, 2006

We just had time in between dust storms to make it to the Peppermill, the only place for breakfast in Vegas…

Of course, the decor might not be to everyone’s taste…

The sign Decor

Then it turns out that our bit of business at the Roulette wheel was unfinished, and Suzannah suddenly decided it was time to conclude it…

Which way to the Roulette Wheels…?

Which way to the Wheels?

We bet red, black, black, 36 (and lost), green, red, odd and then even…
and ended up with the same money we started with.

Ceiling Cafe Ceiling Ceiling


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suzannah February 20, 2006 at 9:51 am

I really liked the Roulette Wheels… Half way through the game, I had to take over and win some money. I know now why gambling can be so addictive.

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