Voice from the sofa

by Stephen Hobley on August 2, 2007

Since I’m “resting” (as thespians say) between assignments. I’ve just spent the morning watching the 1980’s movie Flash Gordon. What a great film. I remember going to the old cinema in my town (now a “sports bar”) to see this on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Although some of the critics panned it for it’s gaudy set design and costumes I think it’s an absolute visual treat – and with a soundtrack by possibly one of the best rock bands of all time (Queen) – who could ask for more.

I really impressed with the visual effects – done well before CGI – so much so that I found the email address of one of the effects team and sent him a message.

Turns out that the cloud effects where made by pouring milk, ink and Ribena into a large tank of water. You can’t get more British than Ribena. 🙂

And Brian Blessed is in all the best films.



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