Plans and Schematics (and Bunsen Burners) available soon

by Stephen Hobley on February 19, 2008

I’ve been working feverishly at getting some plans, schematics and full commented source code ready for the Laser Harp. I will be charging money, but the good news is not very much (~$20) – which is not bad for 22 years of my life 🙂

As soon as they are ready, and been given the final polish, I’ll upload them to the website.

More than anything I want other people to take the ball and run with it. There are so many improvements that could be made. The Wiimote is one thing I really want to spend more time investigating. The IR camera on the front could be adapted to track laser light, then the possibilities are endless…

But, as some of you know we’re about to have our first child, so my time may well be limitied for the next few months [Or even years – Ed]


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