Third Light – First Shock…

by Stephen Hobley on August 8, 2008

OK, it had to happen eventually!

Last night I performed the flu-tube test on our coil to see if we had it
tuned at the fundamental frequency – while I was waving the tube up and down
the secondary some sparks jumped and touched the metal end of the tube. I
got a rather unpleasant tingle in my forearm, but nothing more. I was
holding the glass part of the tube.

I asked the guys on the Tesla Coil Mailing List

“Exactly how bad for my health was it?”


that’s the million dollar question! There is a guy who does shows by sitting
on top of a tesla coil, the list members probably know of these guys, I
think we are all waiting to see what happens as I understand he has been
doing it some years…

Its a old topic… in theory skin dept isn’t enough to allow the current to
actually pass into your body. So in effect it flows within your skin missing
your internals! though ….. I think the general accepted idea is not to do
it as we don’t really know the long term effects on the body. I for one
think passing high voltage over your skin is a bad idea anyway… Though
people can do far worse things to their skin….

Though some guys do far worse. If it makes you feel any better, when I first
built my coil (over 10 years ago) I had an arc strike me for some time
before I even noticed it and my leg hasn’t fallen off yet…

It possible you could get more static shocks from walking over carpets then
you will get zapped from a tesla coil.. and how many people worry about that

my 2C worth….



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