Rotation Encoders…

by Stephen Hobley on January 20, 2009


Click the image for the big picture

…using magnets.

I ordered 2-3 of these the other day. I thought that they might come in handy for the Dalek. Essentially the chip can tell the orientation of a magnetic field placed underneath it (ie. a magnet).

So add a motor, arduino and motor controller, and hey presto – one seriously powerful continuous rotation servo motor.

The prospect of all surface mount components put me off at first, and the chip was really fiddly to get seated correctly, but it looks like it’s working OK.

Now I just have to build another one and install them both in the Dalek dome…

More info here…

Buy it for $20 here…

Oh yes, don’t do what I did with the cable, first off I forgot to loop it back, and secondly the red edge is on the wrong side – 5v and Gnd run down the left hand side of the cable…


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