by Stephen Hobley on January 20, 2009

dsc_9257As if the Arduino and all it’s clones weren’t enough I recently received a ‘Sanguino’ –  based around the larger ATMega644P processor.

It took a little longer than expected to assemble, for some reason the solder did not want to flow onto the pads on the reverse side of the board.

For a while I couldn’t get the auto reset on upload function of the dev environment to work either. It turned out that I had the ‘Set RTS on Close’ flag in the COM port settings disabled. Turning this on fixed it.

The Sanguino has two hardware serial ports, more IO pins, much larger program space, and additional analog inputs/ PWM outputs. There is no built in FTDI chip so you need a programming cable or adapter.

Kinda like an Arduino, only more so…

More info here.

Buy it here


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