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by Stephen Hobley on February 24, 2009

New for 2011 – check out the MIDI Camera
– gesture control with no Bluetooth, or even a PC!

After my recent success with the Pixart camera from a WiiMote I thought I’d try and put everything on one board. Not quite as elegant as Mr Lee’s, but it works – this board will be the basis for my new laser harp sensor.

The seeing Arduino type thing...

The seeing Arduino type thing...

I would have called it See-Duino, but I think that’s already been taken – Wii-Duino anyone?
(I can sense the approach of Nintendo’s lawyers even as we speak…)


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Ameen Yousuf November 26, 2010 at 7:24 am

hi, I am working on an optical projection keyboard for my final year project. I was curious whether similar circuitry could be used in designing the sensor for keystroke detection. Your reply/comment would really appreciated. Thank You.

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