Power of the Daleks

by Stephen Hobley on February 26, 2009

I’ve been slowly working away on the Dalek – grabbing a few hours here and there. I’ve got the basic power distribution system in – unfortunately the drive system is 24v, and other parts need 12 and 6v. Rather than use wasteful linear regulators I put together some switching ones, using some free samples I snagged from National Semiconductor. These are way more efficient – essential for battery powered devices.

It takes a bit of maths to work out the right inductor and capacitor, but the output is lovely and smooth.

Switching power modules

Switching power modules

I’ve got the speakers, light flashers, ring mod and processor added, along with the running lights…


Still a long way to go, but looking pretty good.

(I got the Dalek to sing “Happy Birthday” to my daughter and she started crying… So I guess the fear factor is about right?)


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