Test patch for the PAiA 9700s synth

by Stephen Hobley on August 3, 2009

After I finished the 9700 I was looking for a way to test it as a whole. The one thing missing from the PAiA website was a test patch with a sound file, so that you can check to see if all the bits are doing what they should.

I think that my synth is actually working OK, and all the problems I had were just down to bad patch cables.

Here’s an image of my latest test patch, that tests the MIDI, OSC, modulators, filter, trigger, gate, and ADSR.

Click here for the patch image.

This patch uses the VCO modulator to create the rhythmic PW pulsing effect, then the VCF modulator in cycle mode to create a simultaneous slow rising and falling sweep. The MIDI Trigger and Gate outputs are patched through to the ADSR in the VCA.

Note: I accidentally wired the switch backwards on the VCA, so even though it is set to ‘Cycle’ it’s really in ADSR mode.

And here’s the patch in action…

I’m really impressed, this is with no effects or anything, just the synth. Even the Juno’s needed a bit of chorus to liven up the sound.


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