Finally got the clock on the wall

by Stephen Hobley on January 17, 2010


It’s taken most of the weekend, but I finally got the clock up on the wall. The more observant reader will spot that the driver weight is missing – so it’s not ticking yet. Also despite my best efforts with a custom jig, the pendulum balance is a little bit off – so that will probably have to be re-done.

The CNC mill is cutting a little “long” in the X axis, so I think a spot of recalibration is in order.

I’m struggling to find things to weight the pendulum with. Weight discs from a lifting kit are too heavy, and fishing weights are too light. At the moment there’s no real weight to the pendulum so it wouldn’t tick for very long.

I predict about 3-4 weeks of further tweaking and balancing to get it to keep accurate time.

The plans came from Brian Law’s Clock site – this is Clock #1 – I used some telescoping brass tube from the model shop for all the spindles – it works remarkable well…


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Lance Rose November 30, 2010 at 5:36 pm

I used steel bearings for my weight. I built a wooden box to hold the bb’s.

Beautiful clock btw.

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