ABC’s “Lost” and The Pyramids of Mars

by Stephen Hobley on March 7, 2010

Sutekh the Destroyer

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m completely hooked on the last season of ABC’s Lost.

I avoided the show for so long, first of all assuming it was Y.A.R.S.*, then assuming it was a drama about a bunch of people stuck on a desert island. My buddy Mike kept talking about it, but wouldn’t give me the one-page summary, telling me it was too complex and you had to watch it from the beginning.

(So after sitting down with a complete set of the first 5 seasons I can confirm – It is.)

But anyway the more I watch, the more I’m reminded of elements from the 1975 Doctor Who story “The Pyramids of Mars”. In that, the Egyptian god Sutekh has been imprisoned on Earth by Horus and requires external intervention to destroy his “prison” so he can be free. So I did some reading up to see if any of this made sense…

Checking here:

“In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Set (also spelled Seth, Sutekh or Seteh) is an ancient god, who was originally the god of the desert, storms, darkness, and chaos.

...and that bloke from "Lost"

According to various online sources the four toed statue on the island is of “Tawaret”

Wikipedia has this to say:

“…He (Set) gradually took over the position of Apep, as the god of evil. With this change away from Apep, Taweret became seen only as the concubine of Set.”

There appears to be very strong Egyptian themes on the island in Lost, but this could all be red herrings after all.

The only thing I can’t find any reference to is the “imprisonment” of Sutekh by Horus – so this may well have been creative license on the part of the Doctor Who writers.

* Yet Another Reality Show


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