Welding! Or kind of…

by Stephen Hobley on June 19, 2010

I’ve been putting this off for *ever* but today I went out and bought myself a welding kit from Lowe’s.

I bought the Lincoln Electric 140 amp model, as it was the highest output that could still run on 120V. It supports gas shield, and flux core welding and comes in a natty red colo[u]r.

Basically you pass about 90A at 19V through a very thin piece of wire, the wire melts and fuses with the two pieces of metal you are trying to join.

Even though it’s hotter than heck outside I managed to keep all the safety gear on just for long enough to do this…

And here it is with the “slag” removed…

This is, of course, complete rubbish – but not too terrible for my very first try. The two pieces of steel are well and truly stuck together.

It’s going to take a lot of practice before I can make one of these:

Cue the music…


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