Lotus Seven build : Step 2A completed

by Stephen Hobley on August 21, 2010

Finally got the build table up and levelled – which is harder than it sounds because the floor has a composite angle sloping towards the center of the room.

It’s built from 2x4s and a 4×8′ MDF sheet – again thanks to Pete K for trucking the sheet up the street from Home Depot.

The advantage of getting it (spirit) level is so you can use plumb lines and levels to get things truly parallel and perpendicular.

The first step is to build a cockpit mockup from lightweight wooden timber just to ensure that the Miata seats can be made to fit (and so can I!)

Then the next step is to obtain the tubular steel to build the space frame chassis:

The above thumbnail was taken from the McSorley 442 plans available from here : http://www.sevenesque.com/plans/


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