Want to learn electronics? Have I got the book for you…

by Stephen Hobley on September 22, 2010

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I think that the most common question I get via email is “How can I learn all this electronics stuff?”.

Up until recently my answer has been to look it up online. That is, until I picked up a copy of Darren Ashby’s book “Electronic Engineering 101”. Unlike software engineering, where you have to completely re-learn a new set of skills every 15 minutes, the knowledge required for electronic engineering tends to stay put. That is, the same basic principles apply now, as they have done for the last 50 years.

The goal of Darren’s book is to teach you those principles in plain English. Armed with the knowledge of inductance, capacitance, resistance, semiconductors and something new to me called ‘Thevenization’ you should be able to create circuits to solve most electronics problems.

I was very impressed – I found myself finally understanding *why* some of the principles I had learned through years spent “messing about with wires” actually work.

He finishes off the book with a chapter or two on the touchy-feely (and slightly humorous) of working in the electronics industry -otherwise known as management.

An easy 9/10. – Docked one point for not mentioning the Arduino by name 🙂

If you click the link below to buy the book, it costs you nothing extra, and I get a small contribution to keep my website up and running:


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