Information just in on Jarre’s latest Laser Harp

by Stephen Hobley on September 23, 2010

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Ryan Jarre Worsley [Is that his real name? – Ed] sent me the following message via Facebook:

Just been reading you latest publish on your website,
some very interesting pictures, information and a good detailed section about the history of the harp.

I see you are a little stuck about the information of the current harp? I thought you could add a little bit of information I know, for all the other viewers of your site…

Jarre’s laser harp;

Year of design: 2009
Designer: Ensar Turan
Technician(s): Ensar Turan
Concert: World Tour
Driven Instrument: Elka Synthex
Visible output power: 20,000Mw (20 Kw)
Extra details: Green DPSS Laser; Built in Memory;
Origin: Holland

Hope this helps,


Although I suspect that the visible output power is off by an order of magnitude, 20W is probably closer to the mark (but still insanely powerful) – can anyone confirm the above information?


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