The Dalek Invasion of Wisconsin 2010

by Stephen Hobley on September 23, 2010

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My Dalek-building buddy Dave Duca has been putting in some overtime lately. He’s been preparing enough Daleks for his own “Cult Of Skaro” to appear at the Chicago TARDIS convention later this year.

My Dalek was pulled from the same mo[u]lds as these, and I’m planning on giving it a new paint job and maybe attending myself.

The basic shell is formed from fiberglass with the finer detailed parts made from casting resin pulled from RTV moulds.

I have some upgrades to make to my own Dalek replica before I can take it out and about – I need to replace the scooter base with a full differential drive, and upgrade the dome controller so that it can free rotate under radio control. Check out the Daleks! link to the left for Youtube movies.

If you’re ever inclined to build your own Dalek replica, then check out the Project Dalek Forum (


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James June 24, 2013 at 7:01 pm

Hi, my son has discovered Dr. Who ( I discovered him in 1967!) and he wants to build a dalek for halloween. Looking at your site, i was trying to figure out how you made the half spheres that go all over the lower body. Can you clue me in? I think if we start now we might get it done in time. I did download the plans from project dalek which will probably save my sanity. Thanks for any help or advice you can share. JB

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