Arduino UNO, new logo, and much more…

by Stephen Hobley on September 26, 2010

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I’ve just been reading about the new developments in the Arduino world, over at the official blog.

The new Arduino is going to be called “Uno” and replaces the ever-so-slightly-difficult-to-pronounce “Duemilanove”. Looks like they’ll be adding some new sensor modules to the mix, and most exciting of all – providing a *programmable* USB interface chip. That means that the Arduino UNO can present itself to the host computer as a MIDI device, or a mouse, or a keyboard, or… well just about anything really.

I shall definitely be ordering one!

The only slightly negative thing I can say, is that the new packaging looks a bit like cigarettes, or some of the those party balloon things that Madness used to sing about.


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Dave Parsons December 4, 2010 at 5:54 pm

Hi Steve,

I am new to the Arduino world and trying to write a simple sketch to move mouse using mouse.move function, however, my code does not compile. (I have Arduino Uno and have downloaded v21 code.) Do I need to include a library? And how/where do i get it from?


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