Things to do with 12,000 volts #1 – emulate old horror films

by Stephen Hobley on September 30, 2010

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Baron Frankenstein wouldn’t be without one, Steve Martin couldn’t keep a brain alive without one either.

The Jacob’s ladder is *the* 1950’s mad-scientist fashion accessory. Remarkably easy to make if you can find a neon sign transformer, and a thick insulating block… (Rather than give you step by step instructions, I’m going to show you the details in a sequence of photographs – if you know anything about electrical engineering, this should be more than enough to allow you to make one of your own. ‘Nuff said)

And don’t forget – once you’ve built one you can play the Nikola Tesla drinking game – a shot of whisky every time an arc makes it to the top…

NOTE : The Jacob’s Ladder is inherently dangerous, and construction
should not be attempted by anyone that does not know what they are doing.
You have been warned!.

…and no, I’m not going to “lick it”.

Finally, you might also like the Tesla Coil we built last year (around 500,000 volts):


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Daniel December 17, 2010 at 4:44 am

great post, thanks for sharing

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