So *that’s* what they’re called…

by Stephen Hobley on October 5, 2010

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How long have I been looking for these?
[About 20 minutes? -Ed]

Second only to those springy clips you get in 200 in 1 electronics kits, these are GREAT for protoyping stuff that won’t/shouldn’t fit in a breadboard – like Tesla coils.

Fahnestock Clips!

From Wikipedia:

“Fahnestock clips were seen on early radio receiver breadboard construction, model train power connections, and the like. Today, they have largely been supplanted by binding posts. However, they remain in use in elementary schools especially, where their ease of use and visible connections make them a popular way for science instructors to teach the creation of simple circuits, and most university physics departments still have them on apparatus.

The clip was patented 26 February 1907[1]by John Schade Jr., assigned to Fahnestock Electric Co. Less than 2 weeks after the patent was issued they filed for reissue.”

And you can get them here : Micromark
or in fancy brass here : Online Science Mall


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