Trading a 1W Superlaser for iPhone powered Attack Drone

by Stephen Hobley on October 7, 2010

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Wicked Lasers.

I’m sooo disappointed in you.

When I heard you were coming out with a 1W blue superlaser I was first horrified, but then after giving it some serious thought considered it to be a good base to build a new laser harp.

But you could never quite ship, could you?

So anyhoo, the word is out on the street that the Parrot AR-1 drone is up for sale on Amazon. I just bought one – so I will be cancelling my laser order right now.

Can you hear the phone ringing?

That’s me, that is.

It could have been so cool, we could have been doing stuff like this:

But instead, I shall just have to do stuff like this:

UPDATE : I just talked with Wicked Laser’s Customer Service and they told me that my order has been shipped, but was held up at US customs while they worked out what the heck they all were. UPS now has it and it’s winging it’s way to me.

Apparently they are shipping orders in the 54XXX’s.

We shall see…


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