Behold! The raw power of blogging…

by Stephen Hobley on October 8, 2010

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…and an apology to Wicked Lasers.

After some serious dissing of Wicked Lasers in my last post I have to say sorry for the bad press I created over their failure to ship of my Spyder Arctic S3 blue laser.

*Obviously* my readers were so enraged they all called the Wicked Lasers office to complain – the sheer volume of 3 phone calls in under an hour must have been the tipping point. (Thanks Mum!)

Today it arrived with not one, but TWO sets of safety glasses
[Just in case one pair falls off? – Ed].

The only slight niggle I had was that the manual does not say which end is (+) on the battery, and they are not labelled – but I quick Email to WL confirmed my suspicion that the notched end is (+).

It’s charging now, and I will post some more once I have the thing up and running…

All hail the mighty power of blogging…


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clicclic October 9, 2010 at 10:09 pm

That laser looks crazy powerful. Is a blue laser better / more efficient or could any color with enough power be used for ‘industrial’ purposes (burning up stuff)?

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