Jarre 101010 Online concert – a bit of a review

by Stephen Hobley on October 10, 2010

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I managed to catch the online concert “live” from London (8pm UK time, 3pm my time) along with at least 5000 other people from around the world. What’s really nice about the ustream experience is they have live chat and a social network feed running alongside the playback – so people from around the world can interact while the gig is going on. Do we live in cool times, or what?

The feed was in black and white, with a scifi overlay – showing us interesting facts like JMJ coordinates, and the total energy of the audience (in Watts?? – ok I’ll forgive the Joules/Watts mixup).

Jarre has been around for a while now (the guy is in his sixties), but he still bounces around the stage with big hair and a youthful energy that delights the fans. Some describe his music as a little dull, but I’ve always found it very enjoyable, and the reworked versions of his classics he showcased this afternoon had a refreshing and thoroughly modern sound. (Especially Rendezvous IV).

The webcams were a neat idea, but the narrow field of view meant that we missed out on some of the more spectacular visuals. The trademark laser harp was slick and worked flawlessly – always a showstopper.

I wish I’d recorded it – I was hoping to pick up a copy via the usual channels, but so far nothing has surfaced.


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