OK it’s official – too much cool stuff in the world…

by Stephen Hobley on October 13, 2010

This came today from Amazon – the Parrot AR Voyeurbot 1000.

It is way too much fun, and makes you feel like you’re living in the future
– populated by robotic Terminators.

(If I were to make a plane or helicopter it would be like this – a button marked “take off” and a button marked “land”.)

Now if I can just combine the two...

I’d been following the development of these drones for a while, and was all set to build one when the community started to talk about a commercial version. I got on the mailing list and bought this one as soon as the announcement went out from Amazon. About 10 minutes later they were sold out.

UPDATE : It looks like they are back in stock – I would move quickly…

There is an SDK available, and I just got it all compiling – I’m going to try to build a Windows client for it…

UPDATE UPDATE : Just got the client to build under Visual Studio 2010 – two tips:

1. I could not find the place in VC2010 to update user macros – so I used Agent Ransack to locate the strings for $(ARDroneLibDir) and &(Win32ClientDir) and updated them manually. They actually live in the ..\ARDrone_SDK_1_5\Examples\Win32\VCProjects\ARDrone\ArDrone_properties.props file.

2. You might get linker errors (error LNK2019) about undefined symbols _uvlc_codec_alloc and _uvlc_codec_free until you remove the duplicate uvlc_code.c in the ArDroneAPI source folder.

After that it’s just half a dozen warnings.


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Chip October 14, 2010 at 4:39 pm

I think I see the base of a Dalek in the background? Your next project should be to combine it with the the AR Drone to make a flying Dalek!

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