What do you see…?

by Stephen Hobley on October 23, 2010

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Someone recently described this effect to me, and it does seem to work.

I put together the above image in Photoshop. It’s based on the classic chessboard illusion.

Looking at the image above – what do you see? Are the diamonds getting progressively darker as you move down?

I would stop reading and take a look now, ‘cos once I explain it you may not be able to see the effect any more.

Actually they are all identical, but the top of each diamond is ever-so slightly lighter than the bottom. When they are stacked like this is gives the illusion that A is lighter than B, which is lighter than C, which is lighter than D.

When in fact A=B=C=D. It actually looks even better if you print it out on a decent photo printer.

Update : Apparently some people can see it, others cannot – for me I can see it on the full sized image, but on the thumbnail I cannot.


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