Rare behind-the-scenes look at Jarre’s latest laser harp

by Stephen Hobley on October 25, 2010

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As a follow-up to the recent information I got from Ryan – I just received an email from Johan Peters in Belgium:

Hi, I read your page and noticed you didn’t have any info on the new laser harp which Jarre uses for his Europe tour (probably a tour in the US in 2011).

The guy who delivered all lasers for his tour is a friend of mine, his company is www.laser-image.be although there’s nothing to find on the website itself, I’ve found some evidence to prove that this is the company, watch this video (below) you’ll see the company’s name on the laser harp’s display at 08:27.

Hope this helps you keeping your information accurate and up to date.
Kind regards from Belgium


This is a really cool Jarre video in general, the latter half deals with the laser harp. Check out the Youtube page for a real-time English translation.

Some neat features – the large LCD panel, and it looks like the two detectors are now mounted at the rear of the control unit about 24″ off the ground. My original design did something similar, with the detector array close to the player’s hands. Eventually I moved the detector back down on the ground and in front of the harp beams so that I could do vertical displacement tracking.

I’ve also been reliably informed that the laser is a 5W green – which is still in the “pricey” category. See for yourself.

Thanks for the link Johan, I must make an update to the Laser Harp Pages.


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