The best ‘Rendezvous’ on the laser harp I’ve seen…

by Stephen Hobley on November 4, 2010

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Check out this amazing video of Rune Foshaug playing his laser harp live in his living room:

I am a big fan of this guy – his music is great, and his synth programming is pretty awesome too.

One of the problems with playing this piece is that there is very little tempo information in the backing track – being provided by a Korg M3. I asked Rune about this and he confirmed my suspicion that he has a “visual metronome” running on his laptop that flashes in time with the preset tempo. It also flashes different colo[u]rs to help cue him on upcoming musical events. You can see a brief glimpse of this when the cameraman tracks around the back of the harp.

Rune does some pretty cool stuff – I have his excellent “Jarre” library for the Korg Radias synthesizer – Radias Heaven – here’s an example of a superphasey pad that you could drown in…

Get the library here:

I actually went out and bought a Radias the next day after hearing this.

He also does a neat laser harp interpretation on the Radius, but I suspect he’s using samples of the Elka Synthex for his Rendezvous video.


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