How to extract the goodness from an old TV

by Stephen Hobley on November 5, 2010

I was recently looking to put together a high voltage DC power supply, after searching around online for the necessary components I realised that I would be better off trying to extract them from some redundant technology.

One quick trip to my second favourite store – Goodwill – and I had all the parts I needed. They came from an old 14″ color TV – no longer much use in the widescreen digital age.

This was quite a considerable saving. The only problem was – how to get them out…?

You need to be careful with flyback transformers – they are designed to store charge and some can hold it for a considerable time. Discharging through the chassis wire is the way to go – using a screwdriver and a jumper lead.

Finally you have to “neck” the CRT to release the vacuum.


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