Catering of the Daleks

by Stephen Hobley on November 28, 2010

The caterers are here - where do you want the food?

I took a short trip up north yesterday to the Chicago TARDIS convention. I was there to help out my Dalek building buddy Dave Duca who had been asked to give a presentation on, err… Dalek building. As well as moral support I took along the top half of my DIY Dalek, mainly with a view to show people how the mechanisation worked.

The fibreglass shell of my Dalek was pulled from the same mo[u]lds as Dave’s, although he has taken things many steps further and created something truly incredible. His black Dalek “Sec” opens up at the front and lets the operator get in and out without having to use a step-ladder. The mid section rotates and the motive power is provided through an electric wheelchair base.

Quite stunning.

Doctor Who seems to have taken on quite a following in the US – with an even split between male and female fans.

It never used to be like that 🙂

(If you want to find out more about Dalek building one of the best sites on the web is Project Dalek – – Dave Duca’s alias is “Acrodrome” and mine is “Shobley”)


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