Failed MS Kinect scalpers sculk back to return sensors…

by Stephen Hobley on December 3, 2010

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No you can’t have it, this one’s mine…

Quick! Everyone run to Meijer and Walmart – apparently there’s been a glut of Kinect sensor returns – as Black Friday product scalpers fail to sell the devices through online fast-buck engine Ebay.

I literally walked up to the counter just as one was being returned – the sales assistant told me that he’s seen a few of them come back un-opened after the original buyers had failed to secure a quick profit through online sales.

I feel another laser harp type theremin type guitar hero type invention coming on.

Now if I can only combine it with this…

..and this

…and maybe this…


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Oleg Savchenko December 4, 2010 at 9:49 am

Wow! This is perfect hardware item.
Alternative to WiiMote and OpenSource drivers for PC already exists…
But what about it’s connection with Arduino or such other devices/platforms?
Or you next project will be more PC-oriented than Arduino+WiiMote LaserHarp?

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