…how to do skeletal mapping with Kinect

by Stephen Hobley on December 14, 2010

From PrimeSense – the company that made the Kinect sensor for Microsoft comes this rather splendid video of their skeletal mapping algorithm:

  • Hands in front of body – check
  • Spin me right round (like a record baby) – check
  • CPU overheating – err… not sure about that one.

But in the words of my 2 year old daughter – “Wow that’s pretty cool!”

After looking into this a bit deeper it turns out that this could be the *original* Kinect sensor where the processing was done in hardware. Sadly this processor was removed from the release version of the Kinect – but like all good MS products – we just have to wait for KinectXP.

Visit www.openni.org for more details on OpenNI and how to get compliant middleware and HW.


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