Space Invaders!

by Stephen Hobley on February 25, 2011

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I just got these fantabulous Space Invader coasters from my brother-in-law – they’re actually made right here in Indianapolis by Cameron Oehler – check out the guy’s site:

Space Invaders Coasters

They seem to be assembled from lots and lots of tiny veneer squares – you can see the alternating grain in this photo:

Space Invader Coaster

Although it could be some clever form of “wood-stain printing”.

I would pay real cash money to have the saucer, the bases, and the gunship – just to complete the set.

All your beer are belong to us.

Update : I got the following response from Cameron –

“I’m glad you like the coasters! I do hand make them. I cut strips of wood the size of each pixel, then glue them up to make the columns of the invaders, then sand those smooth, and glue the columns together to make logs of each coaster a couple of feet long. Then I cut off slices, sand the coasters smooth, treat them with Danish oil to bring out the color of the wood, and finish them with a waterproof finish. Anyway, thanks for checking out my work, and let me know if you have any other questions about them.”


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