AudioLab – a very slick audio processing library for .Net

by Stephen Hobley on March 15, 2011

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I recently needed to do some analysis on an audio signal through the microphone socket. I tried using an “off-the-shelf” audio package and the results were OK, but it took quite a lot of effort to isolate the correct frequency bands to get the information I needed. So much so, that I started to look around for some kind of general toolkit.

Enter AudioLab – a free-for-non-commercial-use audio processing toolkit for C# and the .Net framework.

It was a little tricky to install, but once it was up and running I was able to create a simple application with the precise band-pass filtering I needed to complete the analysis.

AudioLab in VisualStudio 2010

It uses an underlying “open-wire” architecture developed by the author that lets you connect the input and output connections (called “pins”) using visual tools – very little code needed.

AudioLab : Band Pass filters

AudioLab is just one toolkit on offer, there’s VideoLab, IntelligenceLab, InstrumentLab and more, all compatible with the Open-Wire architecture.

Very neat.

More info here


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