…building my Destructor(tm) beam

by Stephen Hobley on September 25, 2011

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More progress in the laser/CNC saga.

I built a cage from steel and MDO for the laser tube – fits really nicely. Next step is to add the first bounce mirror which will turn the beam straight up – into a PVC tube attached with plumbing flanges (The sales assistant at Menard’s asked me what I wanted it for – I’m pretty sure he wasn’t expecting the answer he got).

All the parts are in – I was able to repurpose some Laser Harp spares for the mirror mounts, and found a 25mm Silicon/Gold mirror on eBay for under $30 – a bargain.

I finished the last of the designs today – now all I need to do is cut it out and assemble it.

Pete came over on Thursday night and we tested the ‘volatility’ of the unfocused beam on a variety of building materials…

“Impressive. Most impressive…”

New update here.


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bLiTzJoN September 28, 2011 at 4:31 pm

I would imagine given your accent differences in the states, the gentleman at Menards likely turned over surveillance video and info to the feds. LOL!

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