…Orbital Spex for under a tenner (dollars that is…)

by Stephen Hobley on March 10, 2012

Sure, you can buy those centrally-located LED miner’s lamps, but nothing says 90’s geek chic like your very own Orbital glasses.

Now you can recreate those halcyon (harr harr) days of almost pitch black gig-ness (“When do Orbital come on?” – “They’ve been playing for the last 10 minutes”)

I needed a pair of these (to be later retrofitted with red LEDs) for my late night astrophotography sessions, so last time I was in Harbor Freight I picked up a pair of $5 safety glasses and some LED finger lights ($1.99 each)

With a deft flick of the wrist you can pop out the lenses (Made in China) leaving you with the perfect transport for the LED side lights.

The lights come with velcro that does the job, but a rubber band or two (black, of course) wouldn’t hurt.

And there you go…

Shaving your head is entirely optional…


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