“Pitch to MIDI Tracker”

How to build a microcontroller-based
audio processor with MIDI input and output

Pitch To MIDI Tracker

The base for a whole lot more...

This pitch tracking interface was originally created to add MIDI capability to a Vacuum Tube Theremin. It was only after it was finished that I realised it could be used as the basis for a whole range of different electronic instruments.

Featuring an ATMEGA328 microprocessor, MIDI In and Out ports, signal processing hardware and some clever software this device is able to track both pitch and volume from its audio inputs and output a stream of realtime MIDI data that accurately reproduces the sound using a MIDI equipped synthesizer.

(I've been asked if I can provide a kit - I would need to get at least 15 people to commit - so far 4 have written to me to say they would - price point would be around the $100 mark)

Tested successfully with
the following Theremins:.

  • PAIA Theremax.
  • Moog Etherwave Plus.
  • Keppinger Vacuum Tube Theremin.

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The download includes Eagle CAD files, full parts list, all source code and a 26-page full color guide that not only shows you how to build and test the device, but also includes my own "secret formula" for easily making flawless printed circuit boards at home.


A double-sided circuit board is also available from www.BatchPCB.com...


"...one year ago I built my own laserharp after downloading your documents. It was a really great pleasure. Your explanations and schematics were perfect.
." - PA

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