“MIDI Camera”

Gesture control Albleton Live, Synths, Lights and just about anything you can think of...

MIDI Camera

Utilizing an ATMEGA168 (or 328) microprocessor, MIDI In and Out ports, and the Pixart sensor* from a Wiimote this device is able to track the X,Y and Z (size) positions of up to 4 light sources (IR or visible) at 100 Hz.

This data can then be mapped to both just about any MIDI control parameter, or reported back to a host application as packed serial data.

The device in action:

(* Note: you will have to remove the sensor from a Wiimote, as they are not publicly available for sale. I've extracted about 12 of them now, and every single one has functioned correctly)

With the exception of the Arduino shield, the boards are designed to be easy to make at home.

Single sided board designs included for:
(Click the images below for ready-made boards)

  • All-in-one.

    All in one
  • Arduino Shield.(to be made via BatchPCB)

  • Single (just the sensor).

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The download includes Eagle CAD files, full parts list, all source code and a 31-page full color guide that not only shows you how to build and test the device, but also includes my own "secret formula" for easily making flawless printed circuit boards at home.


"...one year ago I built my own laserharp after downloading your documents. It was a really great pleasure. Your explanations and schematics were perfect.
." - PA

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